We are a tech-driven company that is motivated by solving hard challenges in innovative ways

We provide customers with full spectrum cyber research, capability development, and concrete solutions. Our team is passionate about solving problems, creative in looking for answers, and has a strong desire to never stop learning along the way. This attitude curates the perfect environment for developing state-of-the art cyber solutions that help advance our Customers' mission.

Dedicated interdisciplinary engineers

Our team is made up of highly qualified engineers from diverse technical backgrounds with years of experience working in a variety of fields.

Full system reverse engineering

Cyber is more than just software. We provide hardware and software expertise to perform thorough full system analysis.

Legacy system support

We provide support for maintaining legacy systems by rediscovering intimate HW/SW knowledge lost to time.


Our Services

Attic Research offers a wide range of services from systems analysis to full reverse engineering.

Hardware Reverse Engineering

Our engineers have spent years pulling apart hardware, extracting firmware, and creating schematics on a wide array of black boxes.

Software Reverse Engineering

Our team of experts are well-versed in the art of extracting meaningful information from a collection of bytes. We have experience analyzing many different architectures, operating systems, and embedded devices using off-the-shelf and custom analysis tools.

Custom Software Tools

Attic Research knows software forwards and back. We have experience creating fully-documented, powerful software using a variety of languages. We are just as happy developing graphical applications as we are creating custom assembly programs.

Modeling & Simulation

Attic Research provides high-fidelity modeling services including processor and system emulation, introspection, and debugging.

Blue/Red Team Services

Whether locking down your systems or poking holes in it, we can support. We have engineers who specialize in penetration testing, network security analysis, and developing strategies to help organizations strengthen their defenses against potential cyber threats.

Digital Forensics

Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. Let us help you recover/uncover the data you need.


Our Team

Attic Research was started with the goal of expanding the art of the possible through collaboration between motivated, highly skilled engineers. Our roots are planted in years of experience breaking, building, and testing systems. Engineers at Attic Research have an outside-the-box mentality in tackling hard problems and have made careers on finding needles in haystacks and breaking the unbreakable. Our agile team strives to provide answers to the toughest challenges, and we feel that even the most difficult problems have a solution waiting to be found.


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